The Asian Urological Society of Endoluminal & Technology (AUSET) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing medical treatment in the urology field through advanced technologies. The society provides a platform for leading experts to come together and discuss the latest medical and technological advancements in the discipline.

One of AUSET's notable events is the Endoluminal and Technology Symposium (ETS), which focuses on endoluminal endourology and related technologies. Unlike traditional conferences, ETS is unique in that the input and feedback of participants drive it. The symposium incorporates an online platform, allowing all participants to contribute and enhance the quality of discussions and topics. This open communication platform encourages participants to share their knowledge and experiences freely, resulting in various perspectives.

AUSET aims to achieve several goals, including sharing knowledge and experience with Asian endourologists, establishing a solid network, and becoming one of the leading conferences in the world for providing up-to-date information. ETS, on the other hand, aims to advance surgical approaches in endoluminal disease, explore notable medical technologies, and integrate historical approaches with innovative technologies to shape the future of the field.

Overall, AUSET and ETS play crucial roles in promoting the development and adoption of endoluminal technology in urology. Through their efforts, they contribute to improving patient care and outcomes, as well as advancing the field as a whole

Sung Yong Cho
President of AUSET

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